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I need one, maybe two, molar implants. I need a root canal. I have a discolored tooth. I want my teeth whitened. How long will these treatments take?

Implant placement, root canal treatment and teeth whitenning can be done in one day. You will spend the whole day in our office but in the end of the day it will be very effective day. Maybe you will be tired but happy thet it’s already done so much. As we spoke before the cricial thing for the long term stability is the treatment plan. If your treatment plan on molds was made before you can expect your teeth working well for a long time. If you expect just quick treatment and dont’t want spend time for proper bite analysis you can also enjoy long term stability…..if you are lucky. Many overseas dental offices propose 2-weeks full-mouth reconstruction but looking at the photos on their’s websites it looks like shoes „one size fits all” . Teeth is your health, it’s a beginning of your nutrition system which gives energy for all your body !

How long does it take to make a crown?

It usualy takes two appointments to make a crown. At first appointment we prepare the tooth, make impressions, check the colour and register the bite. It usually takes 5 working days to fabricate a crown in a dental lab. If agreed in advance the lab can produce the crown in 3 working days.

I have a space between the two front teeth. What can be done to close it?

In fact there are two options. Or some prosthetic solutions , like veneers or crowns or orthodontic option. But first of all the question is if you really want to close it ? To check it we make a try in and place it into patient’s mouth without any irreversible changes. Than the patient has a time to check if he or she likes this change. Some of the patients wouldn’t like to change it after the try in, and they stay happy with the space.

What is the difference between bioesthetic treatment and „normal” treatment ?

Bioesthetic treatment relays on the so-called centric relation lower jaw position. Researches since 60-ties show the strong relation between contacts between teeth and muscle activity. That’s why we first check the bite and adjust it. Many patients fill more comfort just after the adjustment. More – patients avoid further teeth destruction. Most of patients in the age of 40 or 50 have wear teeth. It’s because the bite is improper and destruct the teeth. It also gives the hypersensitivity and face muscles discomfort.

How long do I have to stay in Poznan for treatment plan?

It depends from a case. Usualy we need 2 working days to evaluate your bite and treatments needs form both – medical and patient’s point of view. In complex orthodontic and prasthetic treatment pplans we need a few days so you can stay and enjoy uor beautifull city and surroundings or you can come second time.

What is possible to do with the splayed teeth ?

It all depends from the reason of the splayed teeth. One reason may be the tongue which patienst put between teeth when swallowing. In this case  the treatment should be done together with speech therapist, because the tongue habbit must be changed. If the reason is a serious periodontal problem than the patient will loose the teeth and then replace with implants or denture. In the first case the suggested treatment would be invisible orthodontics Ortho-CR. See our site about orthodontics for more details

Why do I need to come for the treatment plan? Many dental offices make a plan from the panoramic x-ray.

The panoramic x-ray is only a piece of information. It’s 2 dimensional and not always a good quality, doesn’t give any informations about the most destroying aspect – your bite. The rule is simple – less informations = less precise and mor3 inadequate plan you get. For your treatment’s longevity, it’s not recomended to limit the initial informations preparing the treatment plan. Have you ever build the house? Try to get the plan telling the architect only: I want the house. Human’s mouth is far more complicated than the family house.